Our Vehicles/Route

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Our Route

Getting from Kansas to the Emerald City is no easy feat, and we’ve spent a lot of time considering our options.  After much deliberation between ourselves, countless obscure Russian-language websites, and a small man wearing a windowpane suit and holding a pocket watch, we’ve settled on the route that takes us through the northern-most Eastern European countries (or is that the eastern-most Northern European?) and crossing into the “forbidden zone”, aka Russia, from Estonia. Many days driving through countless towns and remote Russian landscapes will ensue until we finally hit the north-western border of Kazakhstan. From here we will meander across most of the length of a country famous for its 10th century scientist/philosopher Al-Farabi, the premier space launch site of Baykonur and the Mankini. We will take a quick jump back into Russia for a couple of days after we hit the border finally cross into Mongolia at Tsagaanuur, on the western-most edge. After this, we’re on the home stretch and should be arriving in Ulaanbaatar a few days later..

Following this route, we will drive a minimum of 8,000 miles on roads ranging in quality and speed from the autobahn to a dirt path. We are crossing three mountain ranges and two deserts and countless rivers. Although the details of the route are still a little fuzzy, we’re really excited and have begun the long and arduous process of applying for visas!

Our Vehicles

UPDATE: The Airag Addicts have a full team of trusty steeds!!

We’re still polling for names – send’em in!


The Silver Bullet



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