Upcoming Fundraising Events

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Monday, March 23
Pub Quiz Night @ Bar None!
Bar None, 98 Third Ave @ 13th St – 7-11pm
“Nothing’s hotter than big brains and a kind heart!” Show everyone how smart you are! Bring other know-it-alls to Annie’s night of trivia – $10 to play, great drink specials, prizes!

Recent Events

Thursday, February 19 (Was a success, thank you!)
Mad Drinks at Mad River with Zoya and Jenn!
Mad River Bar & Grille, 1442 3rd Ave at 82nd St – 7-10pm
$5 at the door gets you $1-$2 beers and $3 wells. 50% of tips goes to support Mercy Corps so come early, stay late, drink up, and TIP BIG!!

Friday, March 6 (AMAZING night, thank you everyone!!)
Happy Hour for a Good Cause at Katwalk Lounge!
Katwalk Lounge, 2 W. 35th St between 5th and 6th Aves – 6-9pm
10% of the bar tab and 100% of tips goes to Mercy Corps! Watch Vicky and Zoya overpour your drinks in appreciation of your support! Bring everyone you know and start your weekend off drinking for the greater good!


Tuesday, April 21
Trivia Night at Café Felix
Café Felix, 204 S. Main St, btwn Liberty and Washington
Drink specials start at 8pm, Trivia starts at 9pm
What: World Trivia
****All money raised supports the Mongol Rally for Mercy Corps Mongolia (every dollar gets donated!)****
How: Form a team of up to 5 people to compete in Trivia, it’s $10 per team to enter and the winners get drink prizes!
What else: $2.50 well drinks and fun times for a good cause – so if you don’t feel like joining trivia, come and have a drink!

Friday, March 20
Anything for a Buck Party!
House of Trebbi, Phil, and Luke – 737 Packard Street – 10pm

Please join us Friday night for the inaugural, spectacular “Anything for a Buck” party, to be held at the house of Trebbi, Phil and Luke. Funds generated from the party will help support the Airag Addicts on the Mongol Rally, an Epic charity car race from London to Mongolia.

$15 gets you all you can drink + 10 Mongol Monies to play “Anything for a Buck”.

How to Play: Dare your friends to moon the party, chug a beer, or practice your favorite pick up line on a random stranger. If they do it, pay them in Mongol Money (everyone starts with 10 Mongol Monies). If they refuse, you can do the equivalent (*as determined by a totally biased party mediator) and they have to pay you double. The person with the most Mongol Monies at the end of the game wins $100!, not to mention eternal bragging rights. In addition, proceeds will support Mercy Corps Mongolia and the Michigan contingent of the Airag Addicts team (Alisha, Emily and Brad).


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