About Mongol Rally/Mercy Corps

Mongol Rally
Mercy Corps

Mongol Rally

The Mongol Rally is an automobile rally that begins in London, England and ends in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.  Since the inaugural run in 2004, it has often been described as the “greatest adventure in the world”. mongolrallylogo

Contrary to what might be inferred by the name, the Rally is not a race, but simply a means for adventure.  Without mechanical support staff,  visa and accommodation help, or even a set route (beyond check points) provided by the organizers, teams are truly on their own to explore the world. The Rally also has the unique altruistic goal of raising funds for charity – specifically Mercy Corps (see more information below). Each team is required to both raise money for and donate their car to charity.

For more information and a more complete history, check out the Mongol Rally page on Wikipedia.

Mercy Corps

The beneficiary of the bulk of our fundraising is Mercy Corps, an international development organization working in over 35 countries around the world which responds to global emergencies and carries out longer term development work.

In Mongolia, Mercy Corps supports rural communities to address economic and social needs and helps individuals, families and communities become more self-sufficient, diversified in their production, and better linked to local, regional, and national markets. mercycorps_school5gym

The funds we raise will help Mercy Corps continue to assist people in poor rural regions with projects such as improving school facilities, creating job opportunities for women, building new playgrounds for children, and helping families purchase livestock which provides them with a means of income and nutrition.

Here are some examples of what your donations can do:

  • $2 will buy one tree sapling to help Mongolian herders to not overgraze their pastures
  • $10 will allow one unemployed or low-income person to attend a business skills training course
  • $39 will allow an unemployed woman to attend a 30-day training course on vegetable growing
  • $130 dollars will buy text books for children in five rural schools
  • $175 allows a family to purchase a goat which is easy to care for, provides the family with milk, and can be groomed for high-value raw materials like cashmere.
  • $590 will fully stock a school library

For more information about Mercy Corps and the great work it is doing in Mongolia, please visit www.mercycorps.org/countries/mongolia

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