Proper update to follow with pictures, short dance video, and adventures recap, but just a quick note to let you know that after 5 wks, 3 days, 8730 miles, 13 borders – THE AIRAG ADDICTS ARE IN ULAANBAATAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mongol Rally, DONE. 3 cars intact. All teammates present. Minus one camera with a trip full of pictures, thanks to UB thieves 😦 Big thank yous to everyone for your support along the way!


4 Responses

  1. oooooh congrats!!!

  2. Congratulations to all. We are proud of your feat and pleased that the adventure was exciting, safe and sound. Your postings have been much appreciated and your photos have been fabulous. Enjoy your return home or your continued travel as the case maybe as well as the relationships you have forged and the memories. Annie’s Mom, Sister and Dad: Barb, Elizabeth and Ed

  3. Such an accomplishment for the team!! Love the way your cars started the megaventure all sleek and shiny and now they are roadworthy rugged! Westport, CT and family loves you all and think your trip is astounding. Love from David, Richard, Rosemary, Eleanor , Paul.

  4. Way to go Annie! congratulations to you and all your teammates. And thanks for the stories and photos along the way. It was great fun to “journey” with you in spirit. Good luck on your next adventures.

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