2nd Russian border entry – DONE!

Flying Milkbottle Stencil

Flying Milkbottle Stencil

Woohoo! For whatever reason, crossing into Russia was significantly easier the 2nd time around…No questions about our car insurance, registration, the cow skull on our car…nothing! The Kazakh guards even stopped searching our cars after the first one saying “we believe in you – go” so perhaps we should’ve taken that as a good sign from the border gods ūüôā . After¬†the¬†Russians¬†let¬†us¬†thru,¬†we¬†rewarded¬†ourselves¬†with¬†a¬†hearty¬†meal,¬†a¬†mini¬†border¬†jig,¬†and¬†hopped¬†back¬†on the¬†highway for the¬†next 6 hrs¬†or so ’til¬†we¬†got to Barnaul. Spent the night in Barnaul and now spending our last couple of days in Russia. Cross your fingers the police don’t take interest in us this time around!


2 Responses

  1. Well Done on the border crossing, must be your communal karma!
    We believe it will continue.

  2. we are talking about your humanitarian adventure and hope all is well!

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