Straight to the heart

Intended to leave the hostel at 8am, actually left at 9:30 after an epic repacking. Nevertheless, we experienced our first on-time arrival, 700 km south-east to Moscow! We had our first (but not our last) encounter with the Russian police force which is exceptionally well staffed and equipped. We apparently made an illegal left turn into a gas station and they had a video to prove it. We threw Brad to the wolves and they made him get in their car and inconspicuously deposit 2000 rubles into the car’s ashtray. We arrived in Moscow around 10 pm and navigated the largest street we have ever seen with 7 lanes in each direction straight through the city. We stayed with Scott Burns, a peace-corps friend of Alisha’s boyfriend, in his Moscow apartment across the street from the US embassy. Thanks again Scott for letting 8 strangers invade your home! Strangely enough, parking in downtown Moscow is pretty easy – no meters or enforcement of any kind, every Micra for herself, and sidewalks are fair game. Driving is no joke, as the roads come in two flavors: 12 lane monstro-ways, or narrow paths under constant construction. And don’t fuckin’ think about taking a left, it is forbidden. For this reason, Muscovites hate NASCAR.


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