Another Border Dance!

Time for a victory dance! Yesterday we crossed the Estonia-Russian border with all our cars intact AND we’ve made it to St. Petersburg (though the latter part meant driving ’til 5am). Our worries about having to bribe border partrolmen and other characters went out the window when we realized our problem was not that we wouldn’t be allowed in, but that we were only allowed to bring in one car. Four and a half hours and yet another torrential downpour, Paul, our fearless car owner, signed a lot of scraps of paper in the most official way possible along with a bunch of customs forms and we were on our way. Big thanks to the customs lady who finally decided to help us out and NOT send us back to the EU for a notarized letter stating permission for the rest of the team to drive the cars.

Stopped in Pskov briefly for a dinner of meat, meat, and more meat with a few fries thrown in, accented by a multicolor disco ball in a forest-animal-themed wood paneled room) and continued thru the night ’til we hit St. Petersburg around 5am. Top it off with a couple of hrs sleeping in the car before the parking spaces were available and we’ve earned ourselves a solid day of rest.

Important Things We Learned Yesterday:

1) The Estonia-Russia border has MONSTER bugs
2) When said monster bugs die on the roof of your car, it is even more disgusting if they expel larvae all over your roof

We’re taking a day off from driving and getting errands done in St. Petersburg to hopefully ease our next few border crossings with the cars. Tonight, the ballet!


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  1. It is a delight to read your stories. Enjoy the ride. Ed

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