Mongolia or bust! Today – OFFICIAL LAUNCH live NOW!!!

We’ve picked up the cars, crossed the Scottish border into England, and are officially on our way!

Sorry for late notice – Cheer for your favorite motley crue of world-traveling crazies and watch the official Mongol Rally launch live online at! We’ll be doing a lap around the world-famous Goodwood Motorway circuit and coverage until 10:30am Eastern (1530 British time) on SATURDAY, July 18 (TODAY).

The Airag Addicts are 3 little cars – 2 red and a silver – decked out with a couple of fully-loaded roof racks and some “Wonderful Pistachios” decals on our backs. Other sponsors will be posted on our car once we hit Prague so watch for your respective shout-outs in following emails!

We will be rocking some pretty killer glitter red cowboy hats and waving them out the window (and 2 will be on the windshields of our red cars) so keep your eyes peeled for those on your computer screens. Will try and send out an exact launch time as soon as we get it.

Updates and pictures to be posted at as soon as we get internet for more than a few seconds!

Love and hugs and requests for crossed fingers that all goes well,

The Airag Addicts


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  1. I don’t know about you guys .. but I’m excited!!!!!!

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