With our powers combined…

Our tale begins with seven of the eight heroes (we’re picking up our 8th team member in Prague) converging under the shimmering glow of the Edinburgh Castle and officially combining powers for the first time. Awkward? Of course not. Magical? You bet your ass.

After bunking up for the night at the flat of Paul’s incredibly accommodating sister, Lee, the team hopped out of bed at the crack of dawn and began crossing off items on the laundry list of trip preparations. During the next day and a half, supplies were purchased, roof racks were constructed, and team confidence was unleashed.

The team in front of a major supplier of tarps

A couple of quick shout-outs to John Kay, Sunil, and Okiedokie at Homebase hardware, Big Irish Tom at Halfords, and the good people at B&Q for the donated crate, which led to one red Micra being called “Cratesky”. The other red Micra has a custom-built wood pallet on its roof (courtesy of Brad “getting work done”) and is currently being called Happy Palletsky. We’ll see if these names stick.


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