$4,000 for Mercy Corps – Thank you, Carl and Jacki!

The Airag Addicts are thrilled to announce a $4,000 donation from the Carl R and Jacklyn F Meurk Charitable Trust to Mercy Corps! Carl and Jacki are happy to help Mercy Corps continue to assist Mongolia’s rural populations in becoming more self-sufficient.

This donation along with all of the other wonderful donations we have received will have a major impact in Mongolia’s poor rural regions:

* $2 will buy one tree sapling to help Mongolian herders to not overgraze their pastures
* $10 will allow one unemployed or low-income person to attend a business skills training course
* $39 will allow an unemployed woman to attend a 30-day training course on vegetable growing
* $130 dollars will buy textbooks for children in five rural schools
* $175 allows a family to purchase a goat, which is easy to care for, provides the family with milk, and can be groomed for high-value raw materials like cashmere.
* $590 will fully stock a school library

Thank you Carl and Jacki for your very generous donation to this important cause!


One Response

  1. Kyle, Todd and Team,

    Thank you for participating in the Mongol Rally, and for helping us improve lives. Good luck with your adventure!


    Mary Tam
    Mercy Corps

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