We got us a car! What to name it?

The Airag Addicts are the proud owners of their first Nissan Micra! She’s red and purrrrdy 🙂

How would you like to name this little beauty? For $250, you’ll get a camel decal on our car with your name on it AND the honor of naming the first of 3 cars the Airag Addicts will take across the world!

Let the suggestions start rolling in!



We REALLY need your help finding cars!

Hello Airag Addicts supporters! We’re 8 weeks away from departure and we are still searching for 3 cars for us to take across the world. We ask those of you in the UK, Germany, or France to keep your eyes open for 1.2 litre engine cars that were made in 1999 or later that are preferably £700 or under. If you’re reading this and own a car dealership, think of the publicity you can receive for donating 3 cars to this amazing cause! Please contact us at airagaddicts@gmail.com if you think can help. Thank you!